Summer Update

It’s the first day of summer. Medical school has waned, and art has commenced. Since my last day of classes a few weeks ago, I have had opportunities to design digital works for friends and colleagues, and just recently, I resumed working on an album cover for a musician friend. But, I will write about that in a separate post.

During the year, I’ve been mainly using cooking as a creative outlet. I’ve made delicious dishes that are within the parameters of my most recent diet: the Whals Protocol. It is a diet I’ve kept now, off-and-on, for nearly two years. It has a very credentialed author, and current research is showing lots of promise at staving off chronic disease. Plus, I feel wonderful most of the time, digestion and energy-wise. Sometimes, the best evidence comes from conducting experiments on oneself.


I’ve also left various doodles on white boards around school.


Obviously, or not so obviously, some other students added their drawings to my cupcake and coffee:


As soon as school let out, I finally hung up some old paintings around my home, and I tried my hand at painting a rose. However, I had to throw away the first attempt, because I was very rusty. The painting was not becoming what I had imagined in my mind. It’s been about a year since I’ve worked with actual paint, and patience is a requirement for obtaining skill. It’s frustrating when what you’re attempting to create doesn’t match with what is in your mind’s eye.

As I worked, it was fun to see the skill slowly come back. Here is the second attempt:

It’s still not exactly the look I wanted, but it’s much better than the first one I threw away. I will probably not finish it, since it is a practice. It’s been sitting idle for about two weeks now…


I have a couple of research projects for school to focus on during the first half of summer, but I’ve been thinking about pursuing the “Painting A Day” challenge for the second half. In recent years, some artists began creating one, small painting each day in order to sharpen skills, and gain more discipline. It’s a modern movement, with many artists selling their small works online. I think the activity could be a great way for me to get more practice in July.

Here are a couple of links to inspirational artists who have gone the “paintings a day” route. Their works are mainly impressionistic still-lifes, which I love:

Duane Keiser:

Here are some of his works:

Carol Marine:

Here are some of her works:


Of course, before embarking on a painting a day (which I imagine will be difficult to maintain at times), I will be working on the current art projects at hand, including the portrait project, and that mysterious album cover. By summer’s end, I plan to have a gallery of sorts on my blog for my old paintings.


More posts to come,


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