I’ve Gone Digital…

There are some incredible iPad apps for digital art. Ever since I used Notability to draw a self portrait for class, I’ve been having fun with the possibilities. Much less money than Adobe, and yet, still just as professional.






Using these apps brings a memory to mind:

When I was in elementary school, I remember getting scolded in biology class for allegedly copying and pasting a diagram of the layers of a leaf… we were to draw our own diagrams for a major project, and the teacher was very upset that I hadn’t followed the instructions. Despite my protests, she was ready to give me a failing grade. I had to bring my mother to school for a parent-teacher conference about the issue, and when my mother saw the project, she laughed and supported what I had been saying the entire time: that I had actually drew the diagram myself on our 90’s Dell PC computer, using none other than the old “Paint” program.

I miss the old computer… but I don’t miss how it would crash. It once crashed when I was in the middle of writing a story, and it deleted everything. That was not a fun afternoon.


Portrait projects are back on- and this time, they’re digital.



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