“Sandy” is Complete

Sandy took longer than I originally thought… but I think it looks great. It’s quirky, fun, and bold-colored.

sandy complete2

Spacing is everything in this painting. The humor is in the empty space, and the two unfortunate birds in the background. Sandy’s blissful, unaware of the tragedy that just took place. She’s so excited to see you, she forgot all about her vicious activity.

The bird did not.


I just noticed part of the scolding birds’s head has been compromised. I’ll fix that… Based on what I’ve learned about birds, these are Texas yellow warblers.

The painting is a nice, big size. I left extra space at the top so that it can fit nicely into a frame without compromising space.


… I’m going to keep it in my bedroom until I can deliver it to Tiffany.


You’ll notice that sometimes it looks more green than blue; the lighting in my room is a little bit yellow… which makes the background appear more green.





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