“Sandy” for Tiffany

I was asked to do a pet portrait for my friend Tiffany. I’ve done a few pet portraits before, but decided to try a different method this time.

Here is some of my inspiration:

DoggyArts on Etsy
Andy Warhol

I think a pop-art cartoon style would be so fun for pets.

This is Sandy:


Here’s the outline and progress:




The portrait is a whole body shot. I’ve only done shadows in the face, and will have to finish the rest of the body. I’ll also most likely lighten some of the lines on her face. Some parts are a bit darker than they should be.


There are some surprise friends in the background. That red splotch is not supposed to be in the picture… it was an accidental spill. I think it might be to morbid to leave red drips there.


Sandy is known to have brought back some presents for her owners once or twice, so I thought adding these friends to the picture would make the paining personal…

…and quirky.

While working on Sandy’s outline, I also finished  the outline for the next painting in my Portrait Project series: Ana. I plan paint her in the same cartoon style as Sandy:

SandyAna Outlines.jpg

Yes, she’s holding a fish…. There have been so many animals lately.



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