Portrait for Kassie: Progress 

I might have to stop everything I’m working on, and do a portrait of Prince. 
As I continued working on the Portrait for Kassie, I noticed the sepia tones I was using were a bit too scattered. I don’t want the painting to have multiple colors; the idea is for the work to have a single sepia color, with varying degrees of dark and light. 

So, I created one sepia tone, and decided to wash the whole painting with the color. 

The wash will allow me to start fresh with color, and yet keep the work I’ve done so far.

Here are some close-ups of the progress: 

I want the background to be more blended into the subjects, to make the entire painting more cohesive. I might darken the background to match the darker tone of the subjects… but I am leaning more toward lightening Kassie’s friend and her dog. For example, her shirt and hair would be lightened, as would the dog’s face and nose. I think a lighter painting would look better inside a typically decorated home/apartment. Dark paintings can be very jarring on white walls. 


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