Portrait for Kassie

Kassie requested a portrait of a good friend of hers and her friend’s beloved dog. She sent me a few photos to sort through, and I created a composite that combined the best features of each photo.

kassie composite editing

Here’s the composite. It gives an idea of what the finished painting will look like, and  helps me ensure that the scaling is correct. Sometimes putting one face on another body doesn’t work out very well. This one, of course, looks just fine.


Kassie suggested sepia tones, which I think will look great. The brown tone will  give the painting a nice a earthy, natural, and classic look. Unlike the composite, will be painting the friend with her hair down, and will also fill in the background with color.

I want the painting to have a Van Gogh impressionist style, must like I painted Francisco:

francisco finished

But without the blue tones.

Here is the first layer:



I may have to add more black and white to get the right tone of sepia.


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