“Ben” for Emily: Progress


Here’s the progress on Ben:

Ben2 smaller

The blue looks much brighter than in my last post, because I took this picture in the sunlight (the other one was taken in the evening inside my home). I actually like this blue tone, the more I paint. I think I’ll keep it as it is.

The whale will be navy, to match the navy shirt of Emily’s portrait. I’ll also add some navy throughout his beard, and possibly use it to color in the “B” on his hat.

You’ll notice I’ve changed the direction of his eyes slightly to the left. I also did this to better match Emily’s portrait. Their original pictures had them looking straight at the camera, but I decided shift their eyes for more whimsy and interest.

Here’s Emily’s finished portrait for reference:

emily finished

Ben’s portrait should be done by this weekend. I hope to send it Saturday morning.


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