“Ben” for Emily

Emily requested a nautical-style portrait of Ben, to match the one I made for her recently: 
emily finished
Here’s the photo of Ben.


I wanted the pictures to match in quirkiness, and brainstormed with Emily. There were several ideas thrown about to make his beard into something interesting… We considered ramen, sea kelp, and even chop suey. We ultimately decided to make his beard a whale. Yes. A whale. Here’s the sketch.  

I’m keeping the hat because I was told he wears baseball hats all the time. I felt like the portrait would be more personal with that touch left in. 

The whale is in water… Those swirls are waves. I might add more of them to cover the whale’s body more. I plan to paint the background in a dark teal or turquoise.

Making sure I keep it close to Emily’s portrait style.


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