“Kicks” for Emmalie: Complete

After spray-painting gold, chrome, and silver in strategic spots on the painting, I added another layer:

emmalie progress2

But, it still wasn’t complete. I felt I needed to add depth, and soften the red shadows on the legs…

Here’s the finished painting:

20 x 24 canvas


It’s hard to tell by looking at this photo, but the silver spray paint I used created a metallic shine on certain parts of the painting, including near the Nike check on the red shoe, and near the toe of the blue shoe.

I tried to capture the shine in this photo, by tilting the painting to catch the sunlight:


It’s hard to see it in the photos, but it’s brilliant in person. Almost like mirrors.

I colored the edges of the canvas in the same style as the painting:


I created my own shipping box for this one, using a box I had on hand. I filled it with packing pillows and crushed paper. I used loads of tape for extra reinforcement. Naturally, my hands are tired from the cutting.

emmaile cardboardpackaing



The painting will be shipped soon!



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