“The Kids” for Emmalie

kids comp


Emmalie commissioned a special painting of her nephews, perhaps for herself or as a gift for her sister.

She really liked how I designed Diamond’s portrait, full of color:



I have decided to add the colors to “The Kids” delicately, in thin layers since they are so young; I also want to keep the painting whimsical, and layered water-colors always remind me of children’s books.

First, I will paint them in a traditional way, then I’ll add the fun strokes of color, and creative design. In the end, I want the picture’s edges to look  a little “incomplete” with strokes remaining after its completed.

I started off with a wash, a technique I usually reserve for oil paintings:


 The first layer:


Using light washes gives it a water-color feel.


Now’s about the time that I should add color, and all of those other really fun effects we see in Diamond’s painting.  I’ll also thicken the layers.


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