“Lone for Tara”- The Outline

I’ve completed the outline of Tara’s beloved Lone:

Lone Outline


Curiously, the letters were more difficult for me to draw than the dog. I like how the smoothness of the script contrasts with the roughness of Lone’s fur. I think I’m going to love painting this one. I think I already love the dog myself.


By the way, I’m waiting to post Emily’s final portrait until I meet with her in person. A little suspense is good, isn’t it? 😀

I colored some areas of Emily’s hair, the area under her shirt, and her lips in navy. Yet, I’m not quite sure if I should change the lips back to white… they seem a bit harsh in color. it’s a tough decision. I’m also torn as to whether or not I should add some very light grey shadowing on her face. Perhaps that will balance out the navy lips. I shall see tomorrow when I work on it…






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