“Lone for Tara”

There comes a time when a commissioned painting must take precedence over your free portrait paintings. I’ll be working on some commissioned paintings while continuing to post on the Portrait Project. I prefer to work on more than one painting at a time, anyway. So I’ll be working on “Lone for Tara,” while beginning Karla’s portrait, the next one in the free project.

A friend, Tara, has commissioned me to paint her beautiful companion, Lone:



I feel compelled to paint him in multi-color, in a style similar to how I painted Diamond’s portrait:

image (7)


 Tara requested that Lone’s name be written on the portrait. I thought some kind of framing would be appropriate to make the name more visually pronounced. I usually make a photoshop compilation for my clients, so that they can get a basic idea of what the painting will look like. It gives them time to make special requests, and alert me if they do not like my vision.

So, here’s the compilation of Lone:


It looks elementary, but convey’s the general idea. I want the background to be textured, mainly in one color, but with small splashes of other colors for fun.

Tara expressed that she liked the salmon color I had used for Emily’s portrait. I’m not sure I will keep the entire background in that color… I’m also leaning toward navy. Navy looks incredibly nice with tan and brown, Lone’s main coat colors.


All those strokes are supposed to mimic my multi-colored strokes. Use your imagination.

I’m sure once I start, everything will fall into place.



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