Portrait Project #3: Diamond is done

itThese photos were taken on my phone. I feel it shows the colors better than my more expensive camera. I don’t know why…

image (7)

… Probably because I took the picture in the daylight.

image (6)


Here’s the picture I took with my other camera at night:



The lighting makes all the difference.

I added a background and details to her face and clothes, while subduing some of the strong color strokes in the previous layer of her face. I also filled in the background. I tried to add some green color to her teeth without making it seem like there was spinach stuck between them. It’s hard adding yellow and green to teeth without making them look… strange. When you see this picture in person, it looks so much better than what these photos show. It has amazing color. It’s hard to capture that on film.

image (8)

I hope Diamond likes it.


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