Portrait Project #3: Diamond

I searched for a long time to find a picture of Diamond that I wanted to paint more than all the others. She has so many great pictures! I wanted one that seemed natural and fun… also, maybe one where she’s wearing something whimsical or Disney.




I’m gong to definitely have fun with the colors. I want there to be paint splashes, and spills, and green. Unicorn explosions. And maybe some messy, black drops to make it a little tiny bit dark, because I know Diamond loves Halloween, and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas- and if she’s like me- all things Johnny Depp. Yes: green.


Here’s the outline, up-close and personal:IMG_4798


Here’s a preview of the next one. Sneak peak of none other than Emily!

The ouline in pencil:



I think her hair should be tentacles…. squid tentacles.




PS. For other friends getting portraits in the near future: Yes, I am looking through your facebook photos and finding a picture that I like. Yes, it requires me to see all the crazy pictures in your photo cache. Don’t worry, whatever picture I choose, I’ll make sure you look good. That’s part of the fun.

PSS. I know, Rianna. I will paint you something for your apartment soon, I promise! I’m on the cusp of coming up with the perfect idea. It involves geographic prints and also a pot of flowers, interestingly enough. I’m not making this up! I really did think of a good idea. We’ll talk about it next time we work out……………………………… or get drinks?


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